Quality under the pressure of climate changeWe strengthen competence! ISO 9001; IATF 16949; ISO 14001; EN 15224; ISO 13485; CE marking;CoP Conformity of Production; EU regulations and directives; ECE regulations;Product safety; Product liability; Product Safety Officer International. - In-house coaching and staff qualification;- Maturity level assurance of processes in the organization;- Implementation of integrated management systems in the context of climate change:Quality-environment-work / process safety risk management;- Auditor qualification and further training;- supplier development - complaint analysis and processing;- Update service for standards, regulations and legal requirements;- Qualification as Product Safety Officer International. 


Global Quality


Quality as it is understood today is not only a synonym for good products and services, it means also compliance with all requirements for controlled operational processes.
Quality must be considered also beyond the boundaries of the product.

The global network of company processes does not allow to measure the success within the privacy of company's home. The bird's eye view of the entire process chain is required!

It means that the interaction between the own processes of the organization and their surroundings are decisive for the success of the company.
The success of an individual unit muss not necessarily be useful fort he success oft he whole organization!!


People are beginning to understand that the resources of the space ship earth are limited and that climate change is not a theoretic utopia, but a harsh reality with a direct impact on the living conditions on our planet.


The process oriented acting requires a new way of thinking with open minded sight's alignment and a global thinking team.

GQPro / GQM can help you by the continuous development of you management systems, by training your team and by coaching your core projects. We want to support you in maintaining on track for success!


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