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GQM akademie is a brand of GQPro 

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Disclaimer (For any litigation the German text is binding)


Markenzeichen (brand mark)

GQM® is an international registered trade name of Dipl.-Ing. Mario Torres-Peraza,


GQPro Global Quality Promotions Mario Torres/GQM akademie/Dipl.-Ing. Mario Torres-Peraza will be referred to as „provider".


Haftungsausschluss (Disclaimer)

1. Content, availability, use


The provider will try his best to make sure that the contents of this website will be layed out as accurate as possible. Nevertheless, even by doing so, errors cannot be avoided and/or exluded.


For this reason, the provider cannot assume any responsibility or warranty for the being up-to-date, the correctness, the accuracy, the truth, completeness, integrity and/or the quality of the shown contents.

This applies to our own and to any other external webpage, which can be accessed by the so called links.


The use of the contents of this webpage occurs basically at user's own risk.


Any liability claim against the provider, based on material and/or ideal (virtual, intellectual) damages, that may be caused by the use and/or not use of the shown contents and/or by the use of obsolete, erroneous and/or incomplete contents, shall be at any time strictly excluded.


All quotations / proposals are subject to confirmation and are not binding. The provider explicitly reserves the unlimited right to change and/or expand, to delete and/or to temporarily/definitely eliminate parts of or the whole content, at any time and without previous notice. This applies also to any storaged data of the user. Even by best carefulness it is not possible to avoid downtime. The provider tries to submit the service without interruption, however without assuming any warranty.


2. References, Advertisement and Links

The provider tries to offer a wide range of information. This website includes for this reason so called links (connections) to external websites and also references to various sources. However the provider does not assume any kind of liability for such links and references and/or for the content of the referenced webpages and/or sources.

The presence of external links and other references in this webpage does not mean that the provider identifies and/or assumes himself with the contents of the external webpages & references.


The provider reviews the external webpage links at the moment of the first connection with the objective of determine if there are any obviously recognizable law infringement. The link to the external webpage will be released for this webpage if law infringements are not obviously recognizable.


As soon as the provider aknowledge the existence of law infringements, he will eliminate as soon as possible from this webpage the link to the affected webpage.


On the other hand, it is not reasonable for the provider to establish a continuous monitoring of all external links. It is also obvious that the provider is not able to prevent the responsible for external webpages from breaking the laws and/or the rights of third parties.


Third parties are allowed to make reference to this webpage and/or to install links in their webpages without previous consent of the provider. This implies however the condition that the provider will not be damaged by such link.


The creator / author of any advertisement published in website shall be responsible for the content of his advertisement. Publishing in this webpage does not mean that the provider identifies himself with the content of the advertisement.


3. Creator and Trade Mark Right

Third parties are not allowed to design this webpage without the written consent of the provider.

The contents and creations are protected by copyright. Any use / application requires the written consent of the provider. Exceptions from this condition are only those applications and exploitations allowed by the applicable German laws.

These statements apply especially for any kind of reproduction, adaption, handling, translation in other languages, electronic storage and reproduction using electronic or other means.


It is punishable, liable to prosecution and it is not allowed to exploit parts or total contents of this webpage without the written consent of the provider.

It is mandatory to observe the regulations applicable to all brand and product names mentioned in this webpage.


4. Copyright


It is only allowed to make copies and downloads of the contents of this webpage for non commercial, personal and private usage.


5. Data privacy protection

The data obtained by the visit of this webpage, i.e. date, time, visited contents and similar information shall be anonymously stored, for statistical purposes. The private data of the user, i.e. eMail-Addresse, private address, name, telephone / fax numer and similar information will not be passed to third parties by the provider. The user (client) receives with each visit of this webpage so called COOKIES. This data has the objective to facilitate the next visit of the same webpage. The user is responsible to administrate these cookies. It means that the user hast he power to decide if the cookies will be stored or deleted.

Deleting the cookies might cause certain limitations when visiting this webpage.

6. Information Safety (IT-Safety)

It is the job and the responsibility of the user of this webpage to make sure, that an adequate IT safety is assured for both parties when the user is visiting this webpage. It means that the system of the user shall be adequately protected against for example computer viruses, Trojans, worms, hacking, cracking, spying, fishing and similar hazards.

With this regard it is necessary to warn, that safety leaks might be present at any data transfer via internet. This might be used by criminal third parties who might illegally catch up the transferred data.

The provider is not able to eliminate such criminal acts. The provider therefore shall not be liable for any damage caused by such criminal acts.


7. Contractual relationship

The visit of this webpage does not implies a contract between provider and user.

The terms of sales/delivery/supply of the provider shall apply, if the user orders some service and/or product from the provider.


8. Legal effectiveness of this disclaimer

If parts or individual wordings of this disclaimer do not, do not any more or completely not fulfill the applicable laws, the remainder not affected document remains valid.


9. Applicable law

The law of the German Federal Republic are exclusively applicable.

The court of jurisdiction is determined by the location of the provider's office.

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